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Why invest in UK & Ireland? The United Kingdom is an island nation in northwestern Europe and includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. England is the home of Shakespeare and the Beatles.

The capital London is an internationally important financial and cultural center. In addition, England is home to the Neolithic Stonehenge, the Roman baths of Bath and the centuries-old university cities of Oxford and Cambridge.

The UK is the second largest investment destination in the world after the US, with a foreign direct investment stock of USD 2.6 trillion.

With 100 projects, Germany is one of the largest investors after the USA with 379 and India with 107 projects.

Ireland's economy is like a rock in the surf and was able to increase its economic output in the first three quarters of 2022 so strongly that it grew by 11.5 percent in real terms compared to the same period last year. Both the EU Commission and the OECD therefore see the country at the forefront of European growth, not only for 2022, but also for 2023.

Investment activity still represents an attractive level in view of the strong increase of 14 percent in 2022 and the weak development in many other European countries. This is ensured above all by foreign investors. Pfizer alone wants to expand its production facility in Grange Castle for 1.2 billion euros and create up to 500 new jobs by 2027. German companies also benefit from the good Irish investment climate


After leaving the EU, the country can react quickly to global events and market changes and proactively shape leaps in innovation.


Global strategy through active expansion into emerging markets (CPTPP), the startup metropolis London attracts international talent and capital.

Consumer potential

By population (66.8 million inhabitants) the third largest European sales market.

Levelling Up-Strategy

Investment in infrastructure projects, regional promotion (levelling up) health industry.

Tax Advantages

The UK has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the G20 and is very competitive within Europe.


The Lang has 75 Nobel Prize winners. Ten of the best universities in the world; Oxford, Cambridge, University College London and Imperial College London and is ranked 2nd worldwide for the quality of these universities on the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI).


The United Kingdom has the largest air transport system in Europe. We operate a robust energy grid supported by the world's largest offshore wind farm.

Clean growth through secure energy

  • Nuclear: the strategy envisages a significant expansion of nuclear energy, with a target of up to 24 gigawatts by 2050
  • Offshore wind: the government aims to generate 50 GW of energy from offshore wind farms and 5 GW of it from floating wind farms by 2030.
  • Onshore wind: The government cooperates to develop partnerships with a limited number of supporting communities that wish to host new onshore wind infrastructure in exchange for guaranteed lower energy costs.
  • Solar: The UK aims to increase solar capacity by up to 5 times from 14 GW by 2035.
  • Hydrogen: our goal is to double our goal of producing up to 10 GW of low-carbon hydrogen electricity by 2030, with at least half coming from green hydrogen. We will use excess offshore wind energy to reduce costs.

Our Service?

The ideal base for your business development in the United Kingdom. Especially after the exit, the UK market offers excellent prospects and a unique environment for medium-sized activities. With our extensive 30 years of business management expertise, we offer you viable assessments and evaluations. We are currently monitoring the exit negotiations that are still ongoing today and can make a solid assessment of the dynamic market environment for the UK. Your questions may involve restructuring distributionchannels, new market segments, questions of future conformity, logistics or personnel. Together with our reliable and proven network, we have the ear in the UK close to the market.

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  • Market entry support
  • Matching with UK business partners
  • Marktrecherche
  • Sales Strategy
  • Konformitätsassessment UKCA / EC
  • Location search
  • Mittelstandsförderung Innovate UK
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