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This word has become practice and value in the modern business world. It sounds like a monster. But it makes sense, if it is used with the right content. It is not a process or something to do, it is more like a mindset.

The Team – Too small or To Big?

Everything starts with a small team and a joint idea. 2 – 3 People start the journey to create a vision from the idea. As a start they think about the first practical steps to make the idea real.

Key Account

The key account manager is in today’s organizations regarded as the gold-standard in sales. What is a strategic customer? There different meanings and some are misleading.

PR - Old School or Hot Topic?

This topic is not on top of the agenda of today’s startup in times of multi-media-omni-channel-marketing-targetgroup-something-forgot?. There is an assumption, that the company is present online and will discovered anyhow.

Product launch

The magic moment, when the company can be active on the market and progress to market, promote and develop business in a serious manor. This is the real part after long time of boring preparational work.

The Brand

The brand is a significant tool to promote the company and the product. Sometimes it appears that the brand is more important in the message to the audience than the product itself. There are few areas corporate functions which got more publishing then the branding.


Mentors – Consultants – Trainer – Coaches. Who is doing what? There are definitions in theory about the concept of each type. In practice there will be overlapping in the way how each will practice.

Vertical Market Segments

This is an expression which has become widely used in bigger organizations during last decade. It is in line with focusing and has a correlation with scalability.


What is the subject? We are talking about the crystal ball. There is no history, no customers, no experience. The product is not existing, it is either in the mind or on paper. But everybody pushes for a forecast to get the business plan completed in place.

Sales Funnel

The Funnel is a very popular toy on sales meetings. Misused, to accelerate competition inside sales teams. But with the right intention it can be an appropriate tool, to measure the maturity of projects with customers.

Sales Channel

There are various definitions about sales channels. As the wording says: it describes the path for the product on the way from the factory to the final user. In some discussion it seems that the channel is more important than the customer.