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Schritt für Schritt in die Realität

Logistics EU<>UK

in these segments the consequences from Brexit shift will be experienced directly and immediately. We receive daily online updates from gov.uk. 

Logistik Flowcharts

We have selected flowcharts from the UK GOV site and converted them in single sheets, which are more easy to use.

Brexit - Flowchart Get Logistics Ready UK to EU

Brexit - Flowchart Get Logistics Ready EU to UK


this coding system becomes more important in future. From the UK site has been issued the document Mythbuster, for which we have created a German translation. Both version are available for download here 


EORI-Aufklärer Deutsch


The German COC (IHK) provides this Checklist: https://www.ihk.de/brexitcheck

The British Government provides this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/brexit



The Brexit will cause various impact and influence on contractual relationship between Business partners from EU und UK. We treat in this chapter both agendas organization and strategy, as we expect questions for all functions and structures of an enterprise.     

Brexit - Update DIHK - 11 Days...

We have seen a new session in the British parliament, which provides a further surprise about this process. Boris Johnson has issued the letter to EU which they say, he was obliged to do by law. This Letter is in line with what he already responded after the request for amendment had been confirmed. Here for download. 

Brexit - Letter-PM-DonaldTusk-19102019

Brexit - Update DIHK - 13 Days...

Prime Minister Boris Johnson und Jean-Claude Juncker have announced yesterday, that agreement has been reached which was declared as a deal. This agreement need to be confirmed by the EU and the UK governments. In Uk this will take place tomorrow. We keep on to inform about the implications for the industry and trade. The British Gov-UK site has setup a further guide for enterprises in EU. Additional you find the letter from the prime-minister which has been addressed to business in the UK.

Brexit - Prepare Your Business

Brexit - Prime Minister Letter to Business

Brexit - Update DIHK - 27 Days...

another update from DIHK in Brussels - does it thrill? We have concluded in our letter the key note as well as the linkbox to the various topics.

Brexit - Update DIHK - 27 Tage...

Brexit - EU Preparedness Checklist 09-2019

The EU has published a Brexit preparedness Checklist to check if the business is capable to handle this case.

Brexit - EU Preparedness Checklist 09-2019

Brexit Matrix

The COC in Hamburg hosted a Brexit-Event, to update about all major aspects which can impact the daily and strategic business. We have created a matrix, which indicates these aspects and makes it easier to realize necessary actions to take. 

Wir were surprised, how much impact these aspects can create in detail for an enterprise. Our aim for the matrix to create awareness and establish a platform for a subsequent discussion. Next step will be a listing of topics to prioritize which actions to take.   

Brexit - Kriterien Matrix

The COC has published another helpfull checklisthttps://www.ihk.de/brexitcheck